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Infrastructure for courses related to research in mechanical engineering fields of Military Technology degree programme



Infrastructure for courses related to research in mechanical engineering fields of Military Technology degree programme


Operational Programme: Research and Development for Innovations

Project Title: Infrastructure for Teaching and Research in the Mechanical Engineering Fields of Military Technology Degree Programmes

Project reg.No.: CZ.1.05/4.1.00/04.0140

Leader: prof. Ing. Bohuslav Přikryl, Ph.D.

Period of duration: 01/05/2011 – 31/12/2013


Project main goal:

Project’s primary goal is to reconstruct Faculty of Military Technology buildings as the cardinal part of education and research infrastructure for mechanical engineering fields in Military Technology degree programmes.

Property revitalisation shall answer the modernisation issue of special teaching and laboratory pools of Faculty’s below mentioned departments.

The modernised property usage is planned for two main goals:

Research: implemented projects shall provide research and development done by the departments of weapons and ammunition, combat and special vehicles and of engineer technology with adequate technology background. Research and development priorities focus on the technologies improving Czech military forces’ tactical and operational mobility, information and communication technology, new special purpose manufacturing procedures and materials and passive surveillance systems.

Teaching: research by selected department closely relates to teaching activities, primarily in doctoral degree programme fields.


Project framework and funding:

The project is done within European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) by the aid of Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme (RDfI OP) that supports national competitiveness growth and orients towards knowledge economy. ERDF sources support infrastructure projects such as investment in research and technology development.

The project funding 85 per cent share is taken by RDfI OP and the remaining 15 per cent by the Czech national budget, particularly Ministry of Defence chapter.

Project total eligible expenditures are CZK 146,909,778 while the 85% ERDF’s grant makes CZK 124,873,311 and 15% co-funding by the Ministry of Defence budget is CZK 22,036,467. Project ineligible expenditures make CZK&2,553,200.



RDfI OP Internet pages:



Project implementation launch press release (in Czech)

Project implementation launch press release (in Czech) – amended

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