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NBC Defence Institute
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NBC Defence Institute




In accordance with the higher education law provisions and Czech CBRN forces command requests, Institute's primary mission is to educate CBRN specialists with university background in the accredited degree programs of the University of Defence.


In addition to university education, the Institute carries out upgrade courses for CBRN personnel as requested by CBRN command and trains foreign specialists in the defence against Weapons of Mass Destruction.



1. University education in accredited programmes


The Institute cooperates with the Faculty of Military Technologies in the expert part of teaching for Bachelor's and Master's degree students in “Military Chemistry” field of study within “Military Technology program".  The Institute teaches the entire scope of applied basis subjects and special subjects.  


Institute's responsibility includes, along with CBRN specialist courses, also courses on CBRN protection and defence for all students of the University of Defence degree programmes in appropriate teaching subjects.


The Institute completely guarantees and carries out the studies in "Weapons of Mass Destruction, Harmful Agents and Protection Against them" field of study within "Forces and Population Protection" doctoral degree programme (Ph.D.) running under by the University of Defence. Those studies form experts in Defence against Weapon of Mass Destruction for the Czech Armed Forces as well as for government administration or Fire and Rescue Corps. It further contributes to teaching in "Military Management" field of "Economics and Management" degree program. 



2. Defence Department Courses


To comply with the CBRN forces personnel learning concept the Institute holds selected follow-on and special courses designed for CBRN specialists, such as field chemical or radiometric laboratory crew or sampling team members.


As requested by CBRN headquarters and units, it teaches "ad hoc" in CBRN courses for the personnel who are to be deployed in overseas missions.


The NBC Defence Institute is also involved in courses intended for CBRN defence specialists from various NATO and non-NATO countries.

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