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NBC Defence Institute
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NBC Defence Institute



The NBC Defence Institute concentrates on applied research in a framework of the specifically military branches of science, priority to be given to the projects for the Ministry of Defence. In terms of basic research the institute focuses on investigation of new methods and procedures of defence against the Weapons of Mass Destruction placing accent on extremely toxic compounds of Chemical Warfare Agents, radioactive compounds of a free emitter character, Biological Warfare Agents of toxin type, radiological agents, incendiary agents, subversive and sabotage poisons, industrial compounds and pesticides. It resumes the research projects carried out since its establishment in 1972 presenting the principal research programme for a long term at once. 


Institute's research activities goal is to collect for relevant results from defence research projects and plans representing the inevitable sources of information for the decision-making process within and beyond national defence and for continuous improvements of the devices and equipment of the defence against the Weapons of Mass Destruction and other radioactive or toxic agents. Meeting the goal contributes to a more efficient system of defence against the destructive effects and to lower casualties.


Being an institution involved in research and development the Institute carries out evaluation research in the branches related to defence against the Weapons of Mass Destruction, involves in defence research projects collaborating with the establishments and institutions engaged in research either under or beyond Ministry of Defence responsibility, including international cooperation while accent is placed on NATO member countries. In addition, a considerable part of Institute's effort is paid to providing the defence and government administration with information, expertise and standard production support.


The number of accepted papers, arranged expert conferences and seminars, or active participation in conferences or symposia in the Czech Republic and abroad document NBC Defence Institute staff's research results.


Current NBC Defence Institute's activities:


The Long-term Intention of Organization Development (University of Defence, Partial Intention of the NBC Defence Institute)

  • Research of Methods and Technologies of CBRN Defence Effects and Toxic Industrial Materials

Program of the Centre of Competence (the Czech Republic Technological Agency)

  • Radiation and nuclear safety technologies development center: RANUS - TD


  • ADAR – The Advanced Nuclear Reactor Controlled with an accelerator

Finished projects in the area of research, experimental development and innovations:

  • Projects of defence research
  • International grant projects, research intentions and tasks
  • Specific research in the scope of universities
  • Research of new methods and technologies of radiation and chemical protection and ways of their realization

Collaboration within solution of research tasks,  experimental development and innovations.

Conferences and seminars

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