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NBC Defence Institute
University of Defence




NBC Defence Institute


NBC Defence Institute
University of Defence Brno
in cooperation with
VLRZ, Military Club Vyškov
International Scientific Conference
16 – 17 October 2019
 Conference Hall - Barracks Dědice Vyškov
The conference is focused on the following areas:
  • General Problems of Protection against CBRN, incl. Toxic Industrial Materials.
  • Detection and Identification of Chemical Agents.
  • Detection and Identification of Radiological Agents.
  • Individual and Collective Protection, Decontamination.
  • Organizational Measures of CBRN Defence.
  • Instrumentation and Other Materials for Protection Against WMD and Toxic Industrial Hazards.
I. announcement is here.
Title and abstract of the paper shall be sent till August 30, 2019 on the e-mail address of the Organizing Committee :
Scientific Committee will decide on the inclusion of papers to the program of the conference or conference proceedings. Authors will receive notification of acceptance till September 6, 2019.
Contributions elaborated in accordance with the templates and all posters in electronic form shall be sent to the Organizing Committee till September 30, 2019. Contributions that do not meet the formal layout will be returned for completion. Contributions sent after the deadline will not be included to the conference proceedings.
Binding registration for participation at the conference shall be sent electronically to e-mail:, not later than September 13, 2019.
Expert Guarantee:
COL GS Prof. Dipl. Eng. Stanislav FLORUS, Ph.D.
 Scientific Committee:
Prof. Dipl. Eng. Zbyněk KOBLIHA, Ph.D. – UoD
Maj. Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Jiří JANDA, Ph.D. – UoD
LTC Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Pavel OTŘÍSAL, Ph.D., MBA – UoD
Dipl. Eng. Pavel ČUDA, Ph.D.   – MRI, s.e.
COL GS Dipl. Eng. Vratislav OSVALD – JCBRN Defence COE
Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Vladimír PITSCHMANN, Ph.D. – CTU in Prague
Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Ľubomír ŠVORC, Ph.D. – STU in Bratislava
LTC Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Radovan KARKALIĆ, Ph.D. – Serbia
Prof. Habil. Simona BUNGAU, Ph.D. – Romania
Organizing Committee:
LTC Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Pavel OTŘÍSAL, Ph.D., MBA – Chairman
phone: +420973452335, e-mail:

Dipl. Eng. Petr ŽUJA, Ph.D.
Dipl. Eng. Jozef ŠELESTÁK
Participation fee is 800,- CZK and is payable by the conference bank account transfer. Detailed information related to payment will be provided after receiving your application. The fee includes outgoings of organizing the conference, electronic proceedings and:

- lunch on October 16, 2019;
- social meeting of conference participants on October 16, 2019
- refreshments during the conference
Accommodation for participants of the CZ Ministry of Defence shall be solved separately as a service (businness) trip. Accommodation for participants outside the CZ Ministry of Defence cannot be ensured in the barracks.
Programme of the conference will be sent till October 11, 2019 and other possible organizational information regularly by e-mail, besides it will be announced on the website of the konference.
Languages:  Czech, Slovak, English
Presentations:  Maximum length of each contribution is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. 
Place:    Conference Hall of the VLRZ Military Club
              Barracks Dědice
              Sídliště Víta Nejedlého
              682 01 Vyškov-Dědice
              Czech Republic
              GPS 49.3009483N, 16.9797967E
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