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Language Centre



Educational activities 

Language Centre provides the teaching of English as a matter of priority at all Faculties in all study programmes. It also provides the teaching of other languages ( French, German, and Russian and Czech for foreigners) as required by the Faculties.  The Centre also takes part in lifelong learning for professionals working for the defence sector; it conducts teaching in e.g. the Senior Officers' courses, the General Staff courses, the Military Medical Service courses, and the University staff courses. The teaching is conducted in accordance with the latest trends in of educational theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages. 

Direct teaching prevails in full-time study programmes, while distance learning is applied more in combined study programmes. Language teaching is also supported by implementing information and communication technologies. Students have at their disposal the electronic study supports accessible from the UoD study portal (LMS Moodle or Barborka). The purpose of study supports is to enable the students to develop their receptive skills according to STANAG 6001 for levels 1, 2 and 3 (corresponds approximately to CEFR A1-C1).

To meet the ACR and UoD requirements, the teachers of English designed a new e-learning course to supply military professionals with a variety of interactive exercises aimed at their self-study. The APA (Angličtina pro Armádu) course consists of twelve topics, which are proposed for the NATO STANAG 6001 SLP 2222 examination. E-tests form an integral part of the APA course and practice reading and listening comprehension skills.


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