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Language Centre



Research work 

Research work of the Centre focuses on the theory of learning / teaching foreign languages,  innovative approaches to language teaching ( e-learning,  i-teaching, videoconferencing, webquests and others), foreign language testing and terminology. Applied research in the mentioned areas deals with e.g. language needs analysis, curriculum innovation, methods of using communication and information technologies, their effect on foreign language acquisition, and test item writing and analysis. In the area of terminology, the research concentrates on terminology information gathering, its lexicology and semantic analysis, creation of terminology databank, distribution of terminology information by means of military data net, and updating gathered information.  

The Centre holds an international conference dealing with teaching foreign languages in tertiary education once in two years. LC teachers take part in working on national and international projects, e.g. work on research projects of UoD (projects of Faculty of Economics and Management and Faculty of Military Technology), as well as work on joint projects with other institutions, such as Masaryk University in Brno  Canada School of Public Service, Canada and others.



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