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Language Centre
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About us



Language Centre

About us


Mission of LTC 

Language Training Centre (further LTC) provides foreign language training focused on preparation for language examinations according to NATO STANAG 6001​, as well as on teaching professional language for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. courses for economists, managers, technicians, medical doctors and other medical personnel, as required in accredited study programmes of the faculties.


Position and main tasks of LTC 

LTC is subordinated to the Vice-Rector for Education and Students Issues. It conducts language teaching at the faculties in accordance with the requirements of the founder of the University of Defence (further UoD). In addition to educational activities, LTC is also an institution focusing on research and publishing activities. The centre cooperates with other language institutions of the Czech Armed Forces, Czech universities, universities abroad, primarily with the military ones. The centre is represented in professional organizations and committees, e.g. CASAJC, CERCLES, NATO Terminology Conference and SGUN. It is worth mentioning that LTC teachers participate in NATO STANAG 6001 testing, they translate different documents as required by university management, proofread and give consultations mainly to students and academic workers of the University.

LTC, as a part of the University, strives to continuously develop and increase the effectiveness of tuition. This is inevitably connected with research activities of the Centre and with the application of their results not only in language training at UoD, but within the Czech Armed Forces as a whole. Working on research projects constitutes a milestone for professional growth of LTC employees and forms the basis for their publishing work.

The following areas can be highlighted as priorities of the development of LTC:

·         standardization of language training at UoD,

·         development of professional language training in accordance with CEFR and the Lisbon strategy of EU,

·         giving support to distance forms of language training,

·         cooperation with  partners from other universities in working on international projects.

The person responsible for the content of this page is Miroslav Hajas

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