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Language Centre
University of Defence

Testing and Methodology Department



Language Centre

Testing and Methodology Department

The mission of the Testing and Methodology Department (TMD) is to organize and guarantee the quality of language testing in accordance with STANAG 6001 in the following languages: English, French, German and Russian, as well as Czech for foreigners. 

In addition to the organization of written and oral examinations, TMD's responsibilities include the development of language proficiency tests in accordance with STANAG 6001. Pretesting, i.e. verifying tests in practice on a suitable population sample, and statistical analyses of results, i.e. careful evaluation of the quality of the tests as a whole, as well as the statistical parameters of individual test items, constitute an integral part of the test development process.

In order to promote cooperation and further education in the field of language testing and teaching, TMD organizes a number of professional workshops.

There has been a fruitful cooperation between the Department of Language Teaching and the Testing and Methodology Department resulting in systematic feedback gathering from the students of language courses, as well as from the examination candidates. Based on the analysis and interpretation of the results, the content, forms and methods of testing are continually being modified and innovated. 


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