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Faculty of Military Technology
University of Defence

Erasmus+ Offer for autumn/winter semester of Academic Year 2019/2020



Erasmus+ Offer for autumn/winter semester of Academic Year 2019/2020

Faculty of Military Technology offers ERASMUS+ program studies in English language.

Deadline for submitting student's application documents: 21th June 2019.

Semester starts: 30th September 2019

End of lectures: 10th January 20209

Examination period: from 13th January 2020


Please, send required application form by e-mail no later than the dates specified above. Student´s application form serves as a basis for Learning Agreement processing.


  • sending the Student´s application form and Transcript of records by e-mail (
  • confirmation/adjustment of the proposed mobility
  • sending arranged Learning Agreement for confirmation by e-mail
  • confirmation of Learning Agreement, Letter of Acceptance

Please note, that as soon as you get accepted for studies within the Erasmus+ program, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and confirmed Learning Agreement.

Required application documents

  • Student Application Form
  • Learning Agreement – signed and stamped by the Sending Institution
  • Official Transcript of Records in English - signed by a representative of the Sending Institution

Faculty of Military Technology is able to arrange accommodation in university dormitory (ca. 120 EUR/month), yet the capacity is limited.

Study offer consists of 19 study subjects (description):

E - Exam; C - Classified credit; U - Unclassified credit




​Required knowledgeRecommended specialization​
Mathematics I7/E 
​Physics II3/E​
​Hydromechanics4/E​Mathematics, Physics​Mechanical engineering​
Advanced Thermodynamics3/C​Basics of Thermodynamics​Mechanical engineering
​Materila Science4/E​Mechanical engineering​
​Engineering Technology4/E​Mechanical engineering​
​Digital Processing4/E​Electrotechnics​
​Ammunition and Ballistics4/E​Mathematics, Technical mechanics, Thermodynamics​

Mechanical engineering, Weapons and ammunition​

​Barrel Weapons4/E​Mathematics, Technical mechanics, Basics of flexibility and strength​

Mechanical engineering, Weapons and ammunition​

Military Optical Devices4/E​Mathematics, Physics​Mechanical engineering

Weapons and ammunition​

Avionics and control systems4/E​Electrotechnics,
Radar technology: Essentials3/C​Electrotechnics,
Signals and Systems4/E​Electrotechnics, CIS
Operating Systems4/E​Electrotechnics, CIS
Computer networks4/E​Electrotechnics, CIS
Data and Telecommunication Network4/E​Electrotechnics, CIS
English Language3/C​min. B1
CEFR level and equivalent
French / German Language3/C​one of them
min. A2
CEFR level and equivalent
Physical Education3/C


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