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Faculty of Military Technology
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Military Technology Degree Programmes Innovation Project



Military Technology Degree Programmes Innovation Project


Project Goals

The main goals of the project is to improve teaching conditions for the classes within Military Technology degree programmes held by the University’s of Defence Faculty of Military Technology (FVT UO) and to increase the number of civilian and/or international students in the programme. The goal shall be achieved through a comprehensive innovation of the programmes and through promotion of open studies in the programmes among secondary school students.

The innovation shall answer the development level reached in the military and security technologies, national defence and security requirements and the requirements claimed by the companies involved in the appropriate industry. Therefore, Czech Republic Defence and Security Industry Association is the partner.


Project Key Activities

Making of new courses or innovating the current courses.

Comprehensive innovations and making completely new courses applicable to the current degree programmes held by FVT UO but reaching beyond a degree programme framework, to form a larger space for multiple field studies with particular regards to property, personal and information protection technologies.


Wider Selection of Technical Courses in English.

Study sources and software shall be available in English primarily by making them initially in the English language. Additionally, some books shall be purchased for the students from publishers in English speaking countries. Software production intended to support e-learning classes using electronic manuals shall follow. All books and products shall be consistently proofread.


Teaching methods update and study sources, aids and laboratory equipment innovation.

It is to answer the obsolescence of FVT UO laboratory equipment, teaching methods used there and limited usage of modern teaching methods and related tools, including production of teaching aiding simulation systems, introduction of modern teaching systems improving interaction, clearness and electronics application, and forming a new concept of completely different laboratory projects.


Project framework and funding

The project is done within European Social Fund (ESF) Operational Programme of "Education for Competitiveness, focused on the improved quality of and updated systems of initial, tertiary and other education, including their implementation into lifelong learning complex system or improved conditions for research and development. The total amount granted is CZK 13,575,244.


Duration period

1 June 2009 till 29 February 2012, i.e. 33 months.



Join the first project of UD
developing education with ESF support.



The project is funded by European Social Fund and Czech national budget.

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