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Faculty of Military Technology
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Department of Weapons and Ammunition

About us


The department’s technical specialization focuses on the following branches of science:  ballistics, gun-type weapons, ammunition, and optoelectronic armament systems. It also deals with the methods and means of logistic support of troops by weapon systems. Technical specialization is closely connected with a number of scientific and technical disciplines such as high-strength and power material, hydraulic drive, mechatronic systems, signal processing systems in optical and infrared homing of electromagnetic spectrum, display devices, modern diagnostic methods of technical systems, etc.


Study Programme

The department guarantees the full-time and combined form of study in Bachelor’s and Master’s study programme, namely Bachelor’s study in “Military Technologies” and the follow up Master’s study in the branch of study “Weapons and Munitions”. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s (Bc.) or an Engineer’s (Eng.) degree. The department offers a number of programmes in all forms of lifelong education of MoD employees likewise it provides civilian study programmes including doctoral study. In doctoral study, students are prepared in the branch of study “Military Engineering, Weapons and Ammunitions”. The department is qualified to train foreign military professionals in special and technical courses and it also offers doctoral study programmes for foreign students.



Research in the department is focused on projects, which primarily belong to the field of defence research and promptly respond to the latest technical problems of gun-type weapons, miniature and artillery munitions, optoelectronic systems and diagnostic means of weapon systems. It applies to the field of automatic guns with a maximum of 40 mm calibre such as infantry and air weapons and combat vehicle weapons. Within the department competence, there are running several researches such as the research and development of optoelectronic systems of target tracking, research of passive methods of target parameters location, development of new diagnostic methods and recognition of weapon systems technical condition. The department participates in the research and development of target tracking by passive means operating in visual and infrared frequency of electromagnetic waves. The department particularly cooperates with technical universities, maintenance and manufacturing companies.

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