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Faculty of Military Technology
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COL Ing. Vlastimil Neumann, Ph.D.

tel.: 973 442 296, 973 442 671


Curriculum vitae

Vlastimil Neumann was born on 26 April 1980 in Rýmařov. Completed secondary education in Transport and Handling Equipment in 1998, he studied Brno Military Academy in 1998 – 2003 graduating from Master’s degree programme in “Transport and Handling Equipment – Off-road Caterpillar Vehicles” field. In 2003 – 2006 he studied doctoral degree programme of the University of Defence in “Military Technology: Weapons and Ammunition” completing the studies and defending his thesis on internal load of planetary gearboxes achieving “doctor” academic degree.

He served his military career at 311 CBRN Defence battalion in Liberec, appointed logistic support platoon leader in 2006 – 2007, chief officer for logistics information systems, military transport and services group chief officer and logistics deputy chief officer in 2007 – 2010 and the logistics cell chief officer in 2010. He was deployed in KAIA and CT ISAF multinational operation in Afghanistan in 2009 as logistics information systems senior officer.

In 2011, he was appointed lecturer for the Combat and Special Vehicles Department of the University of Defence. In 2013 – 2014 he attended and completed Senior Officer Course – National Defence Management focused on military art, defence planning security and defence policy. Since 2013 he has been the national representative to NATO AC/225 LCG LE – Main group and national representative to AVT-248 Next Generation NATO Reference Mobility Model since 2015.

He concentrates his teaching activity on combat and special vehicles construction. His research primarily focuses on the issues of vehicle movement using mathematic modelling and simulation methods.

Since 1 Januar 2020, he has been appointed the Faculty of Military Technology dean.

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