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Faculty of Military Technology
University of Defence

Faculty of Military Technology

Two Bulgarian cadets for Erasmus+ Traineeships 2017


• The ERASMUS+ program provided by the University of Defence FMT- Department of Air Force and Aircraft Technology, offered for two cadets (Pilot; ATC) of "Vasil Levski" National Military University Aviation Faculty, Dolna Mitropolia, Bulgaria, the training period for Aviation personnel from 01st February 2017 till 31st March 2017.

The future military pilots from Polish Air Force Academy on Erasmus+


• We are cadets from Polish Air Force Academy. We spent 3 months at the University of Defence due to Erasmus+ programme in fall/winter 2016-2017. We were studying in the Faculty of Military Technology with focusing to Air Force subjects.

Air Force Tactics International Course


• From 17. to 21. October 2016 an Air Force Tactics International Course took place in University of Defence in Brno. The course was intendent for Air Force cadets and student preferably interested in Air Force tactic fields. The participants were from Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Poland.

Polish Air Force Academy cadets' experiences from Erasmus at University of Defence in Brno spring 2016


• Erasmus Programme, we participated in, will definitely stay unforgettable for all of us. Spending three months in Brno was a great opportunity for us to meet new culture, learn new things and especially improve our ability to speak English including technical English used during lessons.

Colonel from National Military University “Vasil Levski“ on Erasmus+ Mobility for traineeships


• The time spent in Brno University of Defence (9th May to 9th July 2016) provided me with rewarding personal and professional development as I acquired valuable understanding in both theory and practice how to work in an international team, research subjects in great depth and present my ideas and findings.

Bulgaria’s NMU Aviation Faculty Representatives for Talks at the University of Defence


• On Monday, 5 September 2016, Colonel Martin Macko as the Faculty of Military Dean received a four-member delegation from the Vassil Levski National Military University Aviation Faculty. The delegation is paying a visit to Brno from 5 to 9 September. The initial meeting touched the structure of and making of study programmes, reciprocity in the attendance at conferences or other events, student exchange within Erasmus+ Programme and also incorporation of physical training into degree programmes.
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