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Faculty of Military Leadership
University of Defence





Col Ing. Jan DROZD, Ph.D.

Dean: Col Ing. Jan DROZD, Ph.D.
Telephone: +420 973 444 956,
Office: Kounicova 65, ​​​door 84



Curriculum vitae

Jan Drozd was born on February 21, 1976 in Náchod. After graduation in 1994 at the Military High School in Vyškov he joined the field of logistics at the military army college in Vyškov, where he obtained master degree. In 2013 he joined the Ph.D. Study Program at the University of Defense in the field of Military Management. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. degree.

He served as commander of the company in the years 2003 - 2005 at the Support Base in Vyškov, Chief of Staff of the Training Center in the Years 2005 - 2007, Deputy Head of the Training Center in 2008, Deputy Chief of Staff in 2009-2010 and Deputy tactic and C2 department in 2011-2012. During the military career, he participated in the international operation MONUC in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2007-2008), ISAF in Afghanistan (2012) and MINUSCA in the Central African Republic (2015 - 2016). The courses include a course in English radio communication, a military observer course, NATO CONAMS, combat live saver course (CLS), operation planning.

He joined the Department of Military Management and Tactics as a lecturer in 2012. In 2014, he served as Vice-Dean for External Affairs and Development. Currently, he is acting as Deputy Head of the Department of Tactics.

In his pedagogical activities he focuses on the subjects of Field Preparation and Tactics of Combat Units. He cooperates in subjects under the guarantee of the Department of Tactics. In his scientific work he deals with the implementation of modern technologies in tactical activities and their use in future operations.

Jan Drozd is married, has two children. His hobbies include family, sports and English.

Since March 1, 2019 he has been appointed the Faculty of Military Leadership Dean.

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