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Faculty of Military Health Sciences
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About us



Department of Military Medical Service Organisation and Management

About us

The Department of Military Medical Service Organization and Management is the primary department providing military professional  training  for students of the three master’s study programs: Military General Medicine, Military Dentistry, Military Pharmacy; bachelor’s study programs: Military Medical Management and health care specialization in branch of Military Paramedic (health rescuer, first responder). It also provides military specialized training for paramedical personnel to the extent necessary to carry out required medical duties in military operations.

Our department performs additional education for military physicians, pharmacists and medical officers in form of advanced training courses, participates in preparation of non-medical specialties located within the HQ and staff of the military medical units and facilities.

Above mentioned categories receive a knowledge, which belongs to general military education and is required in order to deal with military medical issues. It is the key department providing follow-up education and refresher courses for military medical personnel in terms  of military medical care organization and management and guarantees career courses for the military medical service personnel.



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