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Centre for Security
and Military Strategic Studies
University of Defence in Brno

About us



Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies

About us



The Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies was established on 1st July 2012 as a part of the University of Defence. The centre is predestined to act in the area of applied research, to provide scientific and educational activities and to play a role of advisor and subject matter expert to support top management of the Ministry of Defence and other national authorities dealing with defence and security issues.


The Centre is predestined to conduct scientific and research activities which outcomes should be strategic analysis and studies on security policy, military strategy, resources allocated for national defence and defence technologies having impact on the Armed Forces. Outputs of the work to be done by the centre are strictly oriented on needs of the Ministry of Defence.

Scope and Key Activities

  • Permanent identification and diffusion of scientific findings, arising from the comprehensive analytical approaches, in order to support strategic decision making as well as contribute for development of the Armed Forces
  • Analysing of results of external research activities with a view to gather respective scientific findings applicable within further specific security and strategic studies covering academic environment, ministerial, intergovernmental and international community
  • Educational activities within the framework of university studies or lifelong learning for both national or international public administration personnel, civilian and military experts acting in the area of defence and strategic decision making
  • Consultation support, expert and advisory activities in the area of defence and security​
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Centre for Security and
Military Strategic Studies

University of Defence
Kounicova 65,
662 10 Brno​​​
​Czech Republic​

Tel:  973 443 239
Fax: 973 442 312​

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