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University of Defence in Brno

Entrance of foreign citizens in the University of Defence premises



Entrance of foreign citizens in the University of Defence premises

University of Defence is a military facility, therefore entrance to the premises under UD responsibility is limited for foreign persons.

Entrance of persons who are citizens of a country other than the Czech Republic or without national citizenship (hereinafter referred to as foreign citizens) follows the applicable instructions mentioned in UD rector’s organisational order for the particular year. The order implements the stipulations of Czech Republic Minister of Defence order no. 14/2013 as amended.

The visits for foreign citizens to the University’s premises are only permitted by University of Defence rector except in Hradec Kralove for which the authority has been delegated to the Faculty of Military Health Sciences Dean.

Foreign citizen without a permission issued may meet the visited person(s) in visitors’ room.

Foreign visitors may only enter any UD’s premise when escorted by a University of Defence staff. Applications for the permission of entrance should be placed in sufficient advance of a week or more prior to the required date of entrance via the appropriate University staff member.

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