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In relation to the national measures intended to prevent spreading COVID-19, the University od Defence in Brno has issued the following urgent measures valid until withdraw that pose consequences for our international partners:

  1. All cultural, sport or social events either organised by the University of Defence or held in its premises have been cancelled.
  2. The planned conferences as well as workshops have been cancelled.
  3. International students under agreement will have no classes in the summer semester 2020. They stay present at the location of their deployment with tasks according to situation and will be in contact with their academic and military leaders.
  4. All international mobilities have been cancelled. International students (within and beyond the Erasmus+ Programme) have been sent to their home institutions or countries, as applicable. Czech students immediately return from abroad.
  5. All international trips of University staff/students have been cancelled following the regulation issued by the Minister of Defence as of 10 March 2020.
  6. Presence of students in classes of all types and forms of studies including the lifelong learning and short-term courses have been forbidden. Teaching continues in an alternative mode (e-learning, distant teaching) following faculty Deans' regulations.
  7. The number of employees present at work limits to the necessary minimum. Others work on home office principle. 


University of Defence Students Engage in Smart Quarantine Project


• As many as ten Military Health Science Faculty’s students have engaged at the Brno Regional Hygienic Centre in the smart quarantine project that has launched its pilot phase in South Moravia Region.

NBC Defence Institute Researchers Contribute to Anti-Coronavirus Filter Development


• Researchers of the University of Defence NBC Defence Institute have engaged in a successful research project of improving the FFP3 filtering efficiency for the smallest particles, such as viruses.

University of Defence Health Faculty Involvement


• University of Defence Faculty of Military Health Sciences personnel have engaged in the contemporary situation to support both the military and civilian medical capabilities. They utilise their professional abilities as the experts employed by the important education and research institution to help fighting Covid-19 spread.

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