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University of Defence Is Arranging New Winter Survival Release


• Czech General Staff and the University of Defence are preparing the already twenty-seventh release of Winter Survival, 2022 Winter Outdoor Polyathlon Championships of the Army of the Czech Republic. The international competition puts the competing three-member military teams into a number of challenging events that are under preparation by the University of Defence’s Physical Training and Sports Centre.

Romania Ambassador Visit University of Defence


• The ambassador of Romania to the Czech Republic Her Excellence Mrs. Maria-Antoaneta Barta paid a short visit to the University of Defence on 4 November 2021. She met the rector-commandant Brigadier General Zuzana Kročova and spent the several dozens of minutes in friendly discussion.

Minister Metnar Appreciates University of Defence Unique Role


• “Research and development potential places this military university into a unique role within the Czech tertiary education system,” said Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar during the visit he paid to the University of Defence on October 1, 2021. It was a good opportunity for him to get acquainted with the new arrangements in school management and particular outputs from defence research.

University of Defence Co-organises Codification Course for Managers and Logisticians


• In the period d 13. do 24. září pořádají The National Codification Bureau of the Czech Republic and University of Defence organise together the 5th issue of NCS College in the period 13 to 24 September 2021. In this year, the international “Codification Course for Managers and Logisticians” takes on-line format due to health safety.

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