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In relation to the national measures caused by COVID-19 and to release restrictions, the University od Defence in Brno has adopted the following measures:

  • All foreigners who are to enter a University of Defence facility have to present negative results from RT-PCR test for SARS CoV-2 that is not older than 4 days plus a statutory declaration they show no infectious desease symptoms (such as higher temperature, cough, breathlessness, indigestion, immediate loss of taste/olfactory sense, or others), have had no risky contact with SARS CoV-2 positive person in the previous 14 days and they are not ordered to stay quarantined.
  • All personnel are obliged to follow the preventive, quarantine and hygienic measures as issued by MoD.

National Security Council Award to University’s Defence and Strategy Journal


• On 22 July 2020, Security and Military Strategic Studies Centre’s representatives received the 2020 National Security Council’s Award in the main category, presented by the Prime Minister Andrej Babis. The ceremony took place in Liechtenstein Palace in Prague.

President Zeman Appoints Colonel Zuzana Krocova The New University of Defence Rector


• Czech President Milos Zeman appointed Colonel Zuzana Krocova the new University of Defence rector in the Throne Room at Prague Castle on 29 July 2020 at the presence of the leading defence personalities headed by Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar and Chief of General Staff General of the Army Ales Opata.

More Than a Hundred New Graduates Leave University To Serve


• “For me, all are standing here with me,” said Lieutenant Jan Hruska who impersonated all 117 graduates on 2020 from the University of Defence for the military graduation ceremony meaning his co-graduates. Due to epidemiologic counter measures the ceremony in a limited form without public audience took place inside the barracks in Sumavska Street on 30 July, instead of the Brno city central square.

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