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International Military Academic Forum 2017


• More than ninety participants from twenty-two countries of Europe and North America have gathered for a five-day event that takes place in the hotel of the Army of the Czech Republic named Komorní Hrádek. The reason is that the Faculty of Military Leadership, University of Defence, has organized the international Military Academic Forum (iMAF), the annual meeting of the representatives of military universities and academies.

NATO Modelling and Simulation Group Meet at University of Defence


• The 2017 Spring meeting of NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) took place in the University of Defence club hall on the last week of April. Along with other five Science and Technology Organization (STO) panels, the group forms the backbone access of NATO to research and development. The NMSG meeting was attended by 74 representatives coming from 28 countries in the world.

Meeting of the Defence & Strategy journal’s Editorial Board


• The first meeting of the Defence & Strategy journal's Editorial Board this year took place in the building of the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies of the University of Defence on Friday, 21 April 2017.

International Cooperation Under DEEP Goes On Well


• The third year of the international cooperation between the Czech University of Defence and the University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia, held within the NATO Defence Enhancement Education Programme opened last week. With the primary roles played by the NBC Defence Institute on the Czech side and by Lieutenant Colonel Radovan Karkalić representing the Serbian University of Defence, the collaboration has developed into a fast constituent of the programme supporting Serbian armed forces in their way to the North Atlantic Alliance.

Winter Survival 2017: University of Defence Team Ends Fifth


• It is Thursday 26 January 2017 afternoon in the Jesenik Mountains and all has got quiet. Four days of tough struggle to beat nature’s traps, the challenges of events and to push own limits are over for the Czech military Winter Survival 2017 participants. After the final stage the Czech teams occupy podium.

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