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All for the Team


• The University of Defence and the CIRC Centre arranged a camp for the national cyber security competition team members on 20 and 21 August 2018. The team will compete for the Czech Republic in the international competition held in the United Kingdom.

NCS College 2018: Managers‘ Course Over, Codifiers‘ Course Open


• The University of Defence hosts for the fourth time the international NCS College codification courses at the turn of August and September. The Managers' and Codifiers' Course took place in the last week of August while the two-week-long Codifiers' Course opened on 3 September.

Through South American Jungle to Final State Exam


• Try to imagine thick rainforest vegetation, gloom light, incredible humidity, occasional rain showers, insect raids, poisonous vermin like snakes, frogs, spiders or caterpillars. All completed with bad visibility meaning worse orientation. That is the picture of French Guiana, where two of the University of Defence students – sergeant first class Michal Popovyc and staff sergeant Adam Weisser, both Commandos club members – attended a demanding survival course lead by experienced French instructors.

Almost Ten Dozens of the University of Defence Graduates Commission


• In the middle of vacations, on 27 July, the only military university in the Czech Republic held the passing out ceremony of the 2018 graduates in the central square in Brno. For the second time, the school thus showed the sense of belonging to the city where it deploys. Public watched the ceremony and witnessed the 114 students leaving the school for their first military career positions.

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