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In relation to the national measures caused by COVID-19 and to release restrictions, the University od Defence in Brno has adopted the following measures:

  • All international mobilities both inbound and outbound have halted in Spring semester.
  • All personnel are obliged to follow the preventive, quarantine and hygienic measures as issued by MoD.

Rector-Commandant Appointed Brigadier General Rank and Professor Degree


• The Rector-Commandant of the University of Defence has made two steps ahead in her both military career being promoted to Brigadier General rank and in teaching and research world by the appointment of full professor degree.

Fortieth General Staff Course Opened


• The number of General Staff Course issues held, arranged and guaranteed by the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies under the University of Defence reached the round four tens. The latest issue numbered 40 opened on 6 April 2021. The Personnel Agency of the Army of the Czech Republic has nominated 45 officers affiliated to various units and facilities within as well as out of the Ministry of Defence responsibility. Similar to the previous issues, this one will take distant education form due to the current epidemic situation.

Cooperation of the Language Centre with the US Embassy in Prague continues in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic


• On March 31st, 2021, a series of discussions of the representatives of the US Embassy in Prague and participants of level 2 and level 3 English language at the Language Centre took place. Similar debates of the US Embassy in Prague representatives with Language Centre students have been organized since 2019, following the visit of Mr. Stephen King, the US Ambassador in the Czech Republic to the University of Defence in late 2018.

We Cleaned Three Football Pitch Area


• Forest, ditches along roads, meadows or public areas in two dozens of districts in the Czech Republic were places you could meet volunteers who represented University of Defence and joined the nation-wide event “Clean Up the Czech Republic”. The main spring cleaning day was Saturday, March 27. However, volunteers have continued helping nature in the following weeks.

Appreciation For Best Teachers


• Traditional ceremony under untraditional circumstances. That was the best University of Defence teachers appreciation event held on the occasion of Teachers’ Day which belongs to 28 March every year. Following the adopted epidemic countermeasures, the ceremony took place on 29 March 2021 attended only by a part of the selected teachers.

US Medal to Colonel Bauer for Iraq Mission


• Colonel Petr Hruza, University of Defence vice-rector for education and students issues, presented Joint Service Commendation Medal to Colonel Miloslav Bauer, head of Air Force Department, awarded by US party on the basis of proposal submitted by Canadian Brigadier General R.P. Delaney and USAF Colonel John Chong for contribution to Iraq mission at the turn of 2018/19.

Almost Four Dozens of New General Staff Officers Formed by University’s Centre of Security and Military Strategic Studies


• In this year, both the courses and final exams in the two issues of General Staff Course were held in distance form through MS Teams application. Defending their final theses, forty-three attendants of the 38th issue named after brigade general František Moravec and of the 39th issue named after general i.m. Karel Janoušek.

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