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The Economics and Management journal as reviewed scientific journal has been published since year 2007 regularly and publishes the most updated piece of knowledge from the areas of national defence economy and military management. It also contributes to the increasing of operational capability of professional army.

Its primary aim is to publish contributions written by academic staff and students of the University of Defence, other universities, and research and specialized institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. 


Only articles which have neither been published nor sent to other publishers can be submitted to the journal. All approved contributions are reviewed by two reviewers chosen by the Editorial Board.

Contributions are published in the Czech, Slovak and English language.


The journal is published two times a year in a printed. It is distributed within the defence department framework, to selected institutions of the state administration in the Czech Republic, local and foreign universities and colleges, research institutions, libraries and other partners.


The course of the review process

All submitted contributions are reviewed by the journal editorial board if they are written according to above mentioned requirements. Accepted articles subsequently undergo the reviewing process, which are evaluated by independent reviewer in. Based on the results of the review, if necessary, the contributions are corrected, rewritten or set aside from further editorial process. The authors are informed about review results  by  the executive editor or his associates. Articles that have received a positive assessment are further edited and published in printed form. For the needs of authors and interested persons all issues of the journal are published in PDF format on the journal website.

The journal is published by the University of Defence in Brno. 

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as MK ČR E 17538 and Czech National ISSN Centre under ISSN 1802-3975.

The journal is indexed by the EBSCO Publishing Inc.



The magazine is not for sale.


Further information can be found in an extract from the Status of the Journal the part of which is also an  article template.











The person responsible for the content of this page is Vítězslav Jaroš





Actual number






​Currently, the editors do not accept further articles for publication.

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