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Advice for Contributors



Advice for Contributors


Contributions are accepted only in an electronic form in the following formats: doc, rtf, MS Word 2003 editor according to this article format.


Papers sent for publication must have the character of a research paper or overview scientific paper.
Research paper must present original research results of the author or team whose author was a member. That means full texts structured as scientific work (mostly abstract, introduction, literature review, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion) with the usual way of sources quoting, possibly with footnotes, not only articles of informative character, editorial materials, repairs, abstracts or summaries.
Overview scientific paper must give an overview of one problem or one issue from all possible angles and bring new ideas.

The reference list at the end shows examples of journal papers, book, and web link by ISO 690 format.




Together with their contribution the authors and co-authors should provide informations about them to be published in English. Authors are responsible for the quality of translation and correctness of the English texts.


Jan NOVAK, Jan NOVAK, Assoc. Prof., Eng., Ph.D., Centre simulation and trainer technology Brno. He deals with issues of simulation and trainer techniques (STT) in the field constructive, virtual and live simulation and application STT in warfare.
Email:, Phone: +420 973 444 444
Postal Address: Chodska 4, Brno, 612 00


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